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About Outdoor Projector Enclosures

VIZBOX Enclosures Limited manufacture outdoor projector enclosures for the global market. The “environmental projector housing” can be used anywhere that a projector is required, including outdoors in any climate, and in environments where the projector may be subjected to pollutants.

outdoor projector enclosure warrantySince the product was launched, the company has exported outdoor all-weather projector enclosures to many countries around the world including:

Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Malta, Mozambique, Dubai, USA, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and even Australia.

Despite the distance, a bespoke enclosure can be manufactured and couriered to destination, quicker that you may imagine.

The projector has been tested to a high IP level, whereby water has been sprayed from all angles, plus is has been tested in extreme heat and freezing cold temperatures. The sophisticated filtration system ensures that the enclosure protects the internal hardware from pollutants.

Naturally, as the weatherproof projector housings are made in Europe, the unit is CE Marked. The CE Mark is a MANDATORY CONFORMITY marking for certain types of product sold in the European Economic Area and is similar to the FFC Declaration of Conformity used in the United States.

Please note that whilst the enclosure is weatherproof, it would be impossible for it to be waterproof. The unit must have air inlet and exhaust ports, for cooling.

The company has partners in the US, Australia and Central Europe, with HQ in the UK.